That last post is weeding out the dumbasses that follow me

ive gone through a similar thing. i care about my life more but i still love the boys. i feel almost closer to them now bc i understand what they do, partying drinking etc. its just different having a life and being a fan i feel behind a lot but i still try to keep up with the big things just not the everyday little things

Exactly! I’m still a fan, and I still love them and they’re very close to my heart, it’s just I found it so hard to keep up with everything like I used to. My mom usually gives me big news about them lol

If you aren’t interested in me or why I’ve been gone don’t open this 

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Please update!

I’ll try soon I’ve been very busy!!! Love you

im tagging this larry as haylor because i can

im going to put up a new theme so those of you who don’t like to look at teddies while you fingerblast yourselves don’t have to worry


harry + any ship?

You are perfect I'm crying xxx

no you are

like can you put up more Harry sex omg. idgaf if it's with a girl or not. its really hot

I love Harry gifs but I have another anon saying I have too much Harry whatever I find happens I guess 

I every day look on your blog and check new posts :)

aw this is sweet I apologize for being gone for so long, hopefully I’ll get to updating soon

You are SICK. EW.

i like to imagine this is harry on webcam with me


getting high with snapback frat boy harry and making out to shitty music while his hands fumble with the zipper of your jeans

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